1888 The company was founded by Anton Mätzler at the former location Kirchgass in Berneck
1928 The business was taken over by his son, Josef Mätzler
1954 Adolf Mätzler completed his Master examination as a joiner
1958 The business was taken over by Adolf Mätzler
1961 Mätzler relocated to its current premises – Oberfeldstrasse, Berneck
1980 Urs Mätzler completed his Master examination as a joiner and joined the company
1985 The business was taken over by Urs Mätzler
1988 The construction of Hall 2 commenced, expanding the site
1991 Acquisition of CNC machine Weeke with CAD/CAM control
Urs Mätzler Schreinerei GmbH in Zurich was founded
1995 The order processing was changed to the CAD system
1996 Certification of Quality Management System ISO 9001 attained
2000 Milestone job for International Power plc in London; over 100 employees and subcontractors were involved
2005 Achieved FSC certification, repeat audit of the quality management system ISO 9001/2000
2005 Development our first fire protection door EI 30
2009 Export order to Bratislava, redesigning the interior of a town home
2010 Construction of telescopic fire protection doors for the Federal Administrative Court of St. Gallen
2010 Replacement of CNC machine and update of the programming software
2011 Development of our first fire protection sliding door without the need for ceiling tracks
2013 Foyer conversion project for Zurich Opera House