Wood and glass: the Mätzler system creates fire protection that is elegant and effective.
Contemporary architecture demands contemporary fire protection: the Mätzler system combines wood and glass to create stylish doors that comply with all safety standards while allowing our customers to maintain a rooms’ desired atmosphere. The secret lies in the materials: wood gives the door a natural and high quality appearance, while glass allows light to filter into the room, creating an airy atmosphere.

With our partners, we have developed new sophisticated fire protection elements for glass walls and doors to achieve maximum transparency. By coupling innovative concepts with technically excellent design, we have set new standards for safety. The versatile Mätzler fire protection system is VKF approved.

The Mätzler fire protection system is characterized by:

  • Versatile design options – from traditional to modern, all with maximum transparency
  • Elegant synthesis with steel structures
  • Multiple options for connection
  • Dimensions up to 4m in height
  • Natural materials
  • Fall-safe glass
  • Unique glazing of silicone joints
  • VKF certification

The Mätzler system is also available in EI 60 standard.